Zirbes Drafting & Design, L.L.C. - 801.368.3470 
Working with you, the homeowner, to design the home of your dreams.

Your Home Is Your Biggest Investment.

Building a house is an extensive project, but they all start in the same place...  On the drawing board.  At Zirbes Drafting and Design, we work with you, the homeowner or contractor, to design your house the way you want it.  Even at times when we may see something that would work better, your wishes are always the bottom line.  Your house is your biggest investment and we are going to make sure that you get what you want.

The first step in this process is giving Tom a phone call to set up an appointment.
801-368-3470.  Monday - Friday, 9am - 5 pm, MST, or drop him an email to zirbesdrafting@hotmail.com anytime. 
Once we meet, Tom will show you exactly what you will get, showing a past set of plans so that you can see the professionalism and detail of his work.

After the initial meeting, we will keep you involved in every stage of the design process.  Calling you back in at each critical step.  Drawing and redrawing until you are confident that this is the house you want built.  Then, we really go to work!  Working with structural engineers we finish up and hand over stamped sets for the city or county officials, and a set for your contractor.
We arent bound to house plans.  We also design carriage houses (unattached garages), condominiums and apartment complexes (anything up to a 4 plex).